Why 100 Tweets isn’t enough on Twitter

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Only 100 tweets?

Twitter’s a volume platform. Your first 100 tweets aren’t going to get viewed a lot. Using hashtags and trending topics is a way of getting more impressions on those tweets, but you really need to be tweeting a lot more to get the followers.

Source: Hootsuite

It’s different for different accounts and is niche dependent. Posting high-quality tweets consistently will make your 100 go further, but the more tweets you post the more followers you’re likely to have.

Don’t tweet into the abyss

Based on the rough numbers you’re given you’re tweeting less than once per day. If you search for “How to get more Twitter followers” there are guides like this and this and this and many more which all have the same theme “tweet frequently.”

If you’re posting content that’s valuable then you may not need to tweet as much. Having that consistent value will go some way, but by tweeting more, you’ll be able to get followers faster.

Engage too

You’ll want to be following accounts, liking their tweets, replying to them. To turn this into followers you’ve got two options

  • Engage with the accounts you want as followers.
  • Engage with big accounts in your niche as their followers may want to follow you also

For the second you’ll want to be targeting accounts with a lot of activity and replies in the comments. Their followers scrolling down the comments may see your post and head on over to your account to follow.

Scale this up

You’ll have got some followers by your 100 tweets. To get more followers you’ll want to scale up your account. Continually share your high-quality tweets, engage more and tweet more. That way you’ll get more out of it.

But with just 100 tweets you’re unlikely to get the big followers unless you’ve built an audience on another platform (like having millions of YouTube subscribers) who then find you on Twitter too.




Jake Symons is an entrepreneur and passionate mental health advocate determined to help small businesses thrive on digital.

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Jake Symons

Jake Symons

Jake Symons is an entrepreneur and passionate mental health advocate determined to help small businesses thrive on digital.

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