How can I find out what famous people follow me on Twitter

Jake Symons
2 min readApr 29, 2020


Originally answered on Quora

One way is looking at your followers

You can go on your profile click (or tap) on Followers and you’ll see a list of people who have followed you. But that won’t tell you if you’re famous

We need to use a tool that lets us analyse our following

Meet Twitonomy, a tool that helps you organise your Twitter followers. On the free version, you can see a list of all your followers (maxed at 15k due to API restrictions).

You can then sort by followers and this will show you the number of people who follow your followers. You can see that on my Twitter account my top follower is Gsuite followed by Larry Wentz with 814k followers.

There are other tools such as Tweepi which can help with this although that currently a paid version (Jan 20)

Followers are not the only metric of being famous, things such as engagement etc matter as well. But for the free version of the tools that’s the data level you’re going to get.

Give it a go. I’d love to know if you were followed by anyone famous.



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